Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What happens when you're disorganised?

Absolutely anything and everything! I went to bed late, half-heartedly intending on going to the gym this morning. Somehow my motivation wanes when it's founded in a desire to take advantage of my gym access as much as possible! I woke up all nice and warm. snuggled up to my pillow, and gave myself 10 more mins... Then another 5... *yawn*... maybe just 2 more....
Finally got up, located gym gear, shower stuff, an outfit for work, my headphones and my ipod, no wait where's my ipod?! No time to look for it now. Out the door, felt the icy air and hoped, no prayed that the windscreen of my car wouldn't be frozen over... No such luck. Gear bag down, up the stairs to my apartment again, filling the kettle to defrost my poor frozen car. Minutes ticking by I finally am in the car, windscreen clear, gear bag ready, and I realise that without my ipod I'm really wasting my time going to the gym. At this stage I only have time for less than 30 mins of a workout so I accept defeat and vow to go this evening straight after work.
I thought music was a workout aid! When did I become so reliant on it to perform? I think there's a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that my ipod is like my invisibility cloak. When I am pumping the tunes into my ears I am blissfully unaware of the stares I'm attracting for my unusual TKD training moves. It helps me get into the zone, or at least helps me fake till I can tune everything out myself. Are iPods/personal music players that integral to everybody else?


MizFit said...

uh oh
youve reinforced why I dont use an ipod.


and here I thought I was entirely irrational!

Shivers said...

Miz - I envy your practical forethought!! :o) So I should try and wean myself off of this iPod Dependency yes? Is there a support group?! Oh no don't tell me I have to train in front of my colleagues without my shield!! :o(

tokaiangel said...

You know how nutty I am for working out. But if I didn't have my iPod? I would seriously have to think twice about going to the gym at all. I get bored really fast if I don't have my tunes. That's why I struggled with swimming so much at first - I had no control over the AWFUL music they were playing.

TA x

Shivers said...

TA - I'm glad I'm not the only one! :o) I do try to go running without it sometimes, just to test myself, but I need the tunes to get in the zone at the gym. Oh and my pool has no music at all, so consider yourself fortunate! :o)

Charlotte said...

If I'm alone, no music seriously cramps my style. But if I do forget my iPod, my backup plan is to find someone to talk to while I work out to keep my mind off the pain:)