Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back on course

I haven't yet resolved anything or even spoken to "D", but I've certainly calmed down in the aftermath of that unexpected conflict. I've even managed to find a bright side in all of it - I don't have to worry about that website any more! It's not my responsibility now! Yay! It's strange to look at the site and notice new updates that I haven't added, but at the same time it felt SO nice to walk into my sitting room yesterday morning and not see that frustrating laptop there! I swear, that machine is unbelievably slow and frustrating to use. Particularly compared to my ibook! I would regularly have to practice breathing techniques in an effort to restrain urges to fling it off the balcony (no I'm not an impatient person!!).
Anyway, after a couple of tangential posts, and injury related training breaks, I seem to be back on course (no pun intended!). Though I'm not pain-free, I'm now actually able to complete a TKD class with minimal whingeing! That's pretty good for me! :o) My diet is going well too, with the assistance of Healthy Week in work, where they've provided nutritional yet yummy breakfasts - I had a plate of fruit, bowl of cereal and a smoothie today. Yum yum yum!
My newest worry (I could never be worry-free!) is regarding the gym at work. With all the recent cut-backs there are concerns about enforcing the separation between employees and contractors for fear the latter could claim equality *gasp*, and go on to then claim redundancy! I'm sure there are viable economic reasons for not wanting to give long-term contract employees a lump sum, but I'm not really going to get into that, I'm just disgusted because it looks like we won't be allowed to use the gym any more...
I find discrimination and segregation sickening, I'm not happy to accept a second-class citizen status. But more importantly, I'm not happy to lose my little gym space. It's so perfect, the 6 sq. metres with mirrors are ideal for my TKD work! As if it wasn't bad enough that I'm losing my friends, the parties and the free lunches, they've added this now as well. I think recession depression is more far-reaching than I'd imagined. Q. What could be worse than losing your job? A. Losing the reasons for working there in the first place. :o(


MizFit said...

glad youre back on track!!


is there any way we can get around the gym thing?

Im pondering....


Tricia said...

I'm also thinking about how you can circumvent the gym thing.

Perhaps you could offer to sign something saying that you understand that you're not an employee (or whatever) and won't try to get them to pay you anything beyond your compensation package if they let you use the gym?

Charlotte said...

I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time right now! Glad that you are starting to work on a plan though. It must be so frustrating right now!

Shivers said...

Miz - I've been thinking about it too, please throw me any suggestions you think of! :o)

Tricia - Apparently there's another Insurance reason why they're bringing this in - seeing as we're not employees then we're not insured to the same levels and are therefore not covered in the case of injury etc. I'm not sure if signing a declaration would sufficiently negate any claim I could make, but I'd be willing to offer it, thanks for the idea! :o)

Charlotte - I'm trying to stay positive, you guys are really helping with that! :o) I was just thinking today that I was very miserable at the start of this year, I had just broken up with someone, and it was a nasty break-up, and I decided that 2008 would be MY Year. I don't know if it's quite worked out the way I'd planned, but I guess I'm a stronger person for it in the end! :o)

workout mommy said...

oh, I totally understand where you are coming from. I used to work for a major internet company that had a FABULOUS gym with classes, massages, etc. that I could not even ENTER because I was a contractor. It drove me crazy, especially since most of my coworkers didn't even use it in the first place.
I hope you get to keep your gym space!

Shivers said...

Lisa - Just checked out your blog, so you were one of the lucky Chicago Oatfest participants! :o)

Thanks for your empathy, it's always been a 2 tier society here but it's really getting bad lately. Today there were health checks and massages for employees... and zilch for us poor contractors.

I'm thinking of starting a counter-active clique, for contractors-only, where we bake stuff for each other and go for walks together - no employees allowed! teehee... :o)