Thursday, November 6, 2008

Recession Depression

I've just found out that my company are making serious cut-backs, starting with the frivolous expenditure like our lavish Christmas party being cancelled. (It's normally held in a 5 star castle, yes we like to be posh so we do!), but nothing cuts a budget like dropping head-count. :o( It looks like my job is safe for the time being, with the extremely fortuitous timing of my contract renewal, unfortunately my friends were not so lucky. Already 3 of my close friends have been given their notice, and it looks likely that at least 2 more will follow after them. There's talks of moving to Australia and Dubai, and plans for cancelling house purchases, and it has me thinking:
If I was made redundant in the morning, what would I do?
Well, after the initial sobbing and crying, I think I'd go back to school and do that Masters I've had my eye on for a while now. But could I really drop everything to do with the TKD Club, after all I teach 4 classes a week, and train with another 2, could I really walk away from it all? It's starting to look like I need a genuine plan, and this is no longer idle fantasy.


Charlotte said...

Eeek. Good luck, girl.
It's so hard to work under the hanging sword of job uncertainty!

Shivers said...

It really is, I'm actually in such a gloomy mood today. I thought I was going to cry in the canteen when the girls told me about their contracts. It's a bittersweet feeling to know that my job is more secure than my friends', I just don't know if I'd want to work here without them.