Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Waiting to Explode!

I'm feeling a hell of a lot of pent-up frustration at the moment. So much so that I feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust! I'm just too impatient for my own good! I've made these choices about leaving my job and going back to school, and about eating healthily and training hard. It all sounds good. It's all helping to make me feel good. So why do I feel so frustrated??!?!
This is typical me: I make decisions, then I expect to see and feel the results straight away.
This is exactly why I think I need to join in with Charlotte's experiment this month. I need to learn how to just 'Be'.
I can't live my life wishing I could fast forward it. Regardless of how trapped I feel in my current state of existence. I have to experience every minute/hour/day, if even for the morbid reason that hypothetically it could be my last! (I said hypothetically, I'm not terminally ill or anything!)
Yes I think meditation, and yoga, could be the answer here...


Smidge said...

Whats Charlotte's experiment? Its sounds interesting! I need some help with exactly the same thing too.

Shivers said...

Hey Smidge! :) Just added the link there for Charlotte's blog over at the Great Fitness Experiment.

Sorry to hear that you're feeling similar too! I was actually trying to use some of my Mum's buddhist compassion meditation practices yesterday. Not sure how it goes exactly but the sentiment is "let me feel this so that others won't have to"

Charlotte said...

"Living life on fast forward"!!! I'm exactly the same way:) So, we're all meditating tonight, right? Thanks for the link love, girl;)

Sagan said...

Am joining in on that meditation session tonight :D

Shivers said...

OMG Meditation is SO tough!! I think I lasted about 4 minutes, but it felt like an hour! Hope you girls got on better than I did! Will definitely try again this evening and hopefully will manage to truly clear my mind and sit still for at elast 5 whole minutes. :)