Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dough! :o)

I forgot to take photos of the pancakes I made last night! Silly me! In my defence I was cooking myself a healthy protein-rich dinner, baking coconut macaroons AND flipping pancakes, all at once! How's that for multi-tasking?!
I am seriously loving this baking buzz, I'm finding it really cathartic. I might just need to be careful with how much of the results I consume.... they do taste good though... dang I'm talented! Haha :o)


Charlotte said...

LOL! So this is a dumb question but I didn't even know one could make macaroons! I wanna try - do you have a good recipe?

Illuminati said...

Now you've got me thinking about Nutella. Luckily I've never had it.

Sagan said...

Baking is super relaxing! I tend to eat it all immediately, though. Need to start finding events to bake for or something so that I just get a taste rather than the whole pan to myself... :)

Shivers said...

Char, Yes you can make macaroons! :) I had never thought of making them either, I just saw the recipe on They turned out really well, and pretty low cal & fat too - only 30 cals a piece!

Chris, How have you never had Nutella?! It's yummmy stuff! Is it just a European thing? I'll have to send you a jar.

Sagan, the events are totally necessary! Otherwise you eat 20 macaroons and wonder why your tummy is sore...not that I'm speaking from experience or anything... :)