Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TTBP: Day 8.. of a Week-long Trial!

I was just commenting on Sagan's blog when I realised I am on Day 8 of Trying To Be Perfect, ie. the week is over... Hmm.. It can't have been too hard if I didn't notice when it finished...Well, I suppose that may be due to the fact that I kind of blew that Perfection attempt when I went out clubbing over the weekend!! But I've really enjoyed this experiment, and even just the idea of adhering to the standards of a person that I would aspire to be.
So I'm not giving up today, I'm still going to try and stick to the rules I set down for myself last week, I'm actually going to try and keep this going for the month. I've incorporated some nice little habits for myself over the last few days, although I do need to find a way to get my sugar cravings under control. Might be turning to Sagan's experiment next for some help with that!


Sagan said...

Aw thanks for the shout-out :) And I love that you're deciding to carry on with the perfection experiment! Go you!

Also your thoughts on how perfection is about trying to adhere to the standards to the person you aspire to be... I think you're right; that's what it's really all about.

Shivers said...

You're more than welcome hon! :) I'm following your trial quite closely this week, though I'm not sure I'm quite ready for such an extreme experiment! I've been doing well on the No Junk/Refined Sugars for the past 9 days (my how the time is flying!). But I'm still experiencing that sense of 'want' at the end of the day. You know, it's not like I want junk/sugar, but I want something... Maybe if I do try to eliminate the hidden sweeteners I might cure myself of that craving...