Friday, December 19, 2008

Who moved my yoghurt?!

I just went to the fridge here at work to get my Danone Activia Apple & Muesli yoghurt, that I love oh-so-much and keeps me sane in the afternoons when my set of sweet teeth start bugging me, and.... it's gone... Somebody has taken it... Someone went to a fridge that I share with maybe 20 people, and took my yoghurt and ate it... It may seem a bit over the top but I almost started crying!

I plan my food so carefully, and even something that seems spontaneous (like the punnet of grapes I brought today) has already gone through a quick screening in my head to see that it fits in with my calories for today. I find the late afternoons at work to be the worst, just that time between 3-5pm when I'm starting to get bored and thinking about hometime (hope my boss never finds this blog!) and I like to bring a cup-a-soup for days when I have to teach, and a yoghurt sometimes to just silence that sugar craving.

I work with some people who think nothing of having dessert at lunch, or a few biscuits with tea, or popping down to the vending machine in the afternoons. There are also those who bring their few low-fat bits n pieces, so I could understand how a mix-up could happen. But how do you accidentally take the wrong yoghurt out of the fridge and eat it without realising: "I brought a rhubarb one but this tastes like apple..." And this is the second time this has happened. On a day when I could really do with a sugar boost.

Hence the emotional response.

Now I know it's not a rational reaction. I know that it's just a yoghurt. It's more the interruption in my potentially neurotic food plan that's causing my distress. Plus it's a nice yoghurt. Honestly, try one. I don't get commission or anything, honest!
Sorry for the rant.. just needed to vent....


Sagan said...

Completely get where you're coming from. That would frustrate me too. Hugs!

Maybe you can put it inside a brown bag next time when you put in the fridge? That way people won't see the yoghurt. Or hide it at the back so no one will take it "by mistake".

tokaiangel said...

It's known as an FRD.

A food-related disappointment.

I have known to have tears and tantrums over things as this.


TA x

justjuliebean said...

We had a refigerator poacher at my last job. Not only would he or she take yogurt, they'd take half-eaten sandwiches, leftovers, whatever. I thought a good way to stop it would be to leave a half eaten sandwich with a thick layer of habernero sauce, but I think they installed a camera (or pretended to). Very annoying to expect your food to be there, and it's not.

Shivers said...

Thanks for the tips guys! And the reassurance that this is a frustrating occurrence! :) I had originally intended to develop this post into more of an observation on my food-neurosis... but I think that's best saved for a book! :)

Justjuliebean, thanks for stoppping by!! :D

Tricia said...

It's fine, I've done similar things.

Would it be too bad if you put your name on them?

Marste said...

I definitely second putting the yogurt in a brown bag. And then write your name on the bag.

It IS annoying. I think every office has at least one food-poacher. I finally just bought a little insulated lunchbox that I pack and bring with me every day.