Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Missing Appetite: No Reward for its Return!

After the excessive amount of wine consumed last weekend, I knew it would take a while for my appetite to return... I didn't think it would take this long! It's been 5 days and I'm still not even craving food or sneaking snacks, I'm just not interested in food... Yesterday I nearly had an entire day of just liquids: a smoothie for breakfast; a bowl of mushroom soup for lunch; a cup-a-soup to keep me going while teaching TKD & then a quick bowl of cereal when I got home. That was it. Throw in a few cups of green/peppermint tea and that was yesterday's food diary. And I wasn't even trying. I just wasn't really interested in putting solid food in my mouth.

So perhaps the post-alcohol detox just gave me the right kick-start to clear that panicked craving for food that I had been feeling intermittently since the summer... Or perhaps Leo (the name that I'm giving the new hot guy that I've just started seeing!) is giving me such butterflies that I can't even think of eating....

Regardless of the reason for this recent apathy towards food, I'm glad that I'm finally feeling some control over my eating, and even if this is temporary, I hope I can remember how nice this calm feeling is. No mad cravings for food, and then no post-binge guilt! It's quite refreshing. Hope I can keep this going for a while...


Crabby McSlacker said...

Well, whether it's detox or Leo, sounds like it's working for you!

What's cool is that you're realizing it's temporary, and using it as a "reset" button rather than expecting it will continue indefinitely.

When your appetite comes back, sounds like with new insight you'll additional ammunition against snack sneaking.

I love the sound of "snack sneaking" though--it's really fun to say.

Sagan said...

That would be very nice! I second Crabby about your additional ammunition- always useful:)

It's probably a good amount because of Leo causing butterflies. Do tell about this Leo!

Tricia said...

Sounds good, although I find that my tummy starts missing solid foods when I go too long without eating them.

And I'm glad that you aren't assuming that the lack of interest in food is permanent.

Charlotte said...

Glad you are taking this as an opportunity to recharge and reset your system! Like Crabby and Tricia said, I'm also glad you don't plan on continuing it forever. So - more about Leo!!

Shivers said...

Argh! So frustrating, I just wrote a comment replying to everybody and then blogger deleted it on me! :(

Ok, so apologies for the group response:

Still not sure if it's detox, Leo, Christmassy spirit or just a glitch, but I'm glad I know it's a temporary thing too! I've felt this before and mistakenly assumed all was now right with the world, but now I know that this is just a phase and the best thing I can do is use it as a reset button. I was so distracted yesterday I almost forgot it was lunchtime... that never happens to me... It reminded me of a simpler time when food wasn't such an issue. It was a really nice memory. I want to try and hold on to that.. :)

Will have to post on Leo today methinks... :)