Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't Try This At Home: The Wine Diet

I finally found a way to curb my eating for well over 24 hours, almost an accidental appetite suppressant as it were. I would not recommend this for anyone, particularly not if you have plans to actually do anything productive for that period of time! I was attending yet another work party, this one was at my boss' boss' house, if that makes sense! This guy is the Chairman of our company, and is extremely generous, as demonstrated by the freely flowing wine on offer throughout the night... Well it would have been rude to say no... (Insert sheepish smiley here...)

Having consumed the best part of a bottle of wine within the first hour of arriving I was distinctly uninterested in the canapés on offer, and if that wasn't enough of a sign that something odd was happening to my appetite, then my complete disinterest in the buffet dinner being served should have set off alarm bells! And it did. Of sorts. Despite my increasingly hazy state, I knew that myself and Dee (colleague and partner-in-crime when it comes to nights with alcohol!) should eat something. I grunted and pointed at the different food in the buffet and was served a plate of something that looked and smelled quite nice. I just needed to work up a desire to put it in my mouth!

Mechanically I shovelled in a few mouthfuls of food, before leaving the plate down on the table for fear I'd lose control of it! Some kind soul didn't realise I was still actually trying to eat it, despite the slow nature of my productivity, and my plate was swept away to the kitchen. I took it as a sign that I'd clearly had enough to eat, and proceeded to drink more wine!
I knew that something was definitely amiss when the desserts (plural!) were served, and I didn't even notice.... To be fair, I was in the pool room with all the young 'uns, dancing up a storm, so were not exactly listening out for more food! Once I saw plates of pavlova and chocolate something or other I knew I had to at least try to eat something, if only to keep me going until Dee would be willing to go home, which I knew would be the early hours of the morning! So I ate a mince pie. It was delicious, but I had no inclination to eat any more. Back to the wine I went!

The moral of the story is... Don't do what I did!! Upwards of 2 bottles of wine (I am afraid to actually try to count the number of glasses I had!), caused me to move in a robotic state for nearly the whole weekend. I can still feel the remnants of that sensation in my head that was far too painful and severe to be callously described as a headache! And I can count the number of meals from the last 3 days on 1 hand! I'm still not really interested in food! Maybe all this time I was just thirsty.... ;o) I'm just kidding!!
It was a great night, and I really was very happy-drunk, and hopefully didn't make too much of a fool of myself! So I'm glad I did let go and enjoy the night, although I certainly won't be repeating it in a hurry! Plus, the disinterest in food may be partly attributed to the alcohol, but a certain young man, we'll call him Leo, may have to take some responsibility for distracting me over the weekend too! ;o)

Hope everyone had a lovely (but maybe not quite-so-merry!) weekend! :o)


MizFit said...

(jots down notes while reading post and thinks ahead to all the holidays soirees in the coming weeks)

Illuminati said...

I look forward to you writing the book about this. Until then, I'll start drinking.

Mark said...

Hmmm...very interesting indeed! :)

Shivers said...

I'm laughing here at the thought of somebody actually following this as a weight loss plan!! :o)

I'm only just starting to eat normally again after (yet another) weekend of excess! Thankfully I have instilled enough good habits that meant my "re-feeding" after my unintentional fast consisted of nutritous sustenance. As opposed to my usual drunken food of choice - greasy fast food, and lots of it!!

I can't see myself drinking (much) more over the Christmas Holidays... Although just a few short weeks ago I was assuring people that I really don't drink that much... ahem... I don't have a problem, honestly! I can stop anytime I want to! :o)

I'm definitely hitting the TKD Gym tonight, need to sweat out some toxins! :o)

Charlotte said...

Wow, what a weekend. I've never had alcohol of any sort so reading stuff like this always makes me wonder what it feels like. Well, I guess I know part of the answer: not hungry! Hope you feel better soon.

Shivers said...

Hiya Char, the idea of not drinking at all is quite hard to do here in Ireland! I was the odd-one-out just because I didn't drink until the legal age (it's 18 over here). And honestly, normally I don't drink much at all. In fact, I take a lot of playful abuse from my colleagues because I'm always the designated driver. They don't complain when I drop them home at 2am though!! :o)

Feeling a lot better now, thanks!! xx

Sagan said...


I like that kind of diet;) Hope your head isn't hurting too bad!