Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sun is Shining!

Nope, I'm not making it up, the Sun is actually out in Ireland!! woohoo!! And I got to leave work early on account of my tense back becoming cripplingly painful as the day went on. So I get to blog from the comfort of my couch, looking out at the sunshine reflected on the lake near my home.

I am definitely a lot more cheered up since this morning, but worried now that this temporary disability is going to play havoc with my workout/diet regime. I was doing so well, but I'm very much aware of how my willpower dissipates the instant I hit a hurdle like this. It doesn't help that everyone assures me that I'm "tiny" and that I "don't need to lose any weight", and insist on feeding me up. I appreciate their concern and I know that a lot of that is to do with my unintentionally causing them to feel uncomfortable with their own weight, but this actually about Me! Not them! I am not comfortable in my body, and I want to be lean. I train so hard, and I just want a body that reflects that. I just wish I could do this in a healthy way. I always put it off until too close to a TKD competition and then it's extreme weight loss methods, excessive exercise and absolutely NO junk food until after the event... then the post-deprivation binge starts the cycle all over again. I just want to eat normally. I just want to train hard and see, as well as feel, the effects.


Tricia said...

Have you tried motrin? It's anti-inflammatory (my mom's an RN and every muscle ache I've ever had has been treated with Motrin and bananas for potassium.

Christine said...

Sorry to hear about your back :(

Ah the weather was gorgeous yesterday though wasn't it!? My husband came home from work and insisted we go out for a walk, which is actually kind of unlike him!

Shivers said...

Tricia - thanks for the tip, I haven't heard of Motrin, not sure if we have it over here, but I did take an anti-inflamm and that did help with the pain. Didn't think of bananas though... hmm.... Any excuse to eat fruit though! yay! :o)

Christine - thankfully it's on the mend now. Yeah the weather is just lovely! We're so easily pleased with a bit of sunshine. I wanted to go for a walk but my Mum wasn't as keen, she muttered something about not having the right shoes! I'm glad you got to got out in it anyway.