Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling the Ripples

It's so easy for me to become bogged down in my own problems, and contrastingly simple to get caught up in my own excitement at happier times, and often I don't see the ripple effect of my actions. This weekend I felt, saw, facilitated, co-ordinated and generally just experienced, the ripple effect of my decision to go back to school. And it felt so good.

It was intended to be a weekend at home with my Mum and sisters, a chance for me to reflect over my recent revelations, and an opportunity to let thoughts settle before I approached the application process for this Masters' degree. Instead it resulted in an open discussion with contributions from all the members of my family, of how they are all experiencing various forms of inconvenience, and general unhappiness, with their current living situation. And now, in light of that, how they're all going to change it. I felt honoured.

It was heart-warming to simply be there and experience such honest communication from my mother and sisters, especially as I was truly happy for them. They were just so appreciative of my help and support, I was actually in danger of becoming sickeningly-saint-like! I genuinely felt so full of love and consideration for each of their predicaments that I wanted to help them work through it all. Of course it's easier to be happy for people when you are already in a good place, and right now, I'm in a good place. So I'm sending out waves of it wherever I can.

Hope you feel some of the ripples too.



Charlotte said...

Thanks for this:) I'm so glad that you could be there for your family when they needed you!

tokaiangel said...

Ah, such a warm glowy feeling when you get to spread the love! *reaches up to catch a ripple*

TA x

Shivers said...

Charlotte, You're so welcome! :o) I'm glad I was there too. I feel like I got to know my sisters a little bit better. I think I take them for granted sometimes, and forget how much closer we can be if we just try to communicate more openly.

TA, it really is a warm glowy feeling! And it's still with me! Yesterday was supposed to be Officially the Most Depressing Day in History. And yet I was the happiest I'd been all year! (Based on the fact the year only started 20 days ago...)