Saturday, June 18, 2011

A long lost friend...

I just found my old blogs, almost by accident, and it was like bumping into an old friend! (One I actually want to talk to - rather than all the old classmates I'm 'friends' with on facebook!) I don't know if anyone will even see this... or if I'm actually getting back into the blogging scene, but I'm definitely curious about what everyone has been up to in my absence...

So much has changed in the last few years (years?!?) - I finished my Masters (with a First Class Honours - woohoo!).. I live in London now... I have a very grown up job, where I work very long hours but I am valued, respected and paid accordingly, and I have people reporting to me!! I'm single... but comfortably so...enjoying my own company rather than allowing my life to revolve around someone else. I've made a life for myself here, I feel like I'm finally living, rather than the rehearsal I was going through back in Ireland.

A big part of this life is my sporting activities, and my quest for balance through them - Touch Rugby (I tried contact for a year but my body is too old & broken for that now), Taekwon-Do (after a 2 year hiatus!), Running (I'm preparing for a Half-Marathon!), and Meditative Yoga.... A combination of fun/serious, individual/team, relaxed/competitive activities with mixture of men & women as friends/colleagues/teammates... All in all, a semblance of symmetry perhaps... :-)


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